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Lithium Extraction

Lithium has emerged as a crucial element in the quest for sustainable energy solutions.

With its unique properties and abundance, lithium has revolutionized battery technology, especially in the automotive industry, as it has its major benefits in relation to EV's.


Lithium is a chemical element and the lightest metal on the periodic table.

It is primarily obtained from mineral deposits, such as spodumene and brine pools, found in countries like Australia, Chile, and Argentina but also the US and China.

These regions account for the majority of the world's lithium production.

As an abundant resource, lithium offers a stable supply chain to support the growing demand for advanced energy storage technologies.


  • Enhanced Energy Density
  • Longer Cycle Life
  • Rapid Charging Capability
  • High Power Output

The automotive industry has experienced a significant shift with the integration of lithium-ion battery technology due to its many advantages.

Off course the use of Lithium in batteries doesn't stop at EV's but has its benefit in the majority of our common technology.

PuriTech's ION-IX multiport valve has great advantage in the process of Lithium extraction with its high efficiency, low operation costs and general reduced capital investment.

Each installation is custom made with respect to the clients needs, insuring maximum efficiency at all times.

Small flow rates from several hundreds liters/hour (0,4 gpm) up to complete plants with a Lithium extraction flow rate of 345 m³/h (1520 gpm) and more can be processed.

Lithium recovery containerized unit
Lithium recovery containerized unit
Lithium recovery containerized unit