About us

Innovative Technology

PuriTech's ingenious continuous counter-current ion exchange system is based on an innovative multiport valve design. Targeted at a broad range of industries, ION-IX liquid adsorption technology improves liquid-resin contact efficiency while reducing plant operating costs and capital expenditure.
With more than 180 projects operational in +20 different processes worldwide, PuriTech proves its ingenious ION-IX technology.

What we do

Chemical process design

Complete chemical processes are configured and designed with corresponding flow rates, piping dimensions, etc..

Engineering of complete installations

Custom engineering of complete ground-up installations is done with respect to each specific chemical process.


A detailed 3D-design of each ION-IX system is carried out to visualize the clients needs. 

Pilot trial & Process optimalisation

PuriTech conducts highly efficient and flexible pilot trials/process optimizations for innovating experiments.

Maintenance and after sales service

Professional maintenance and required training services are given to maintain optimal efficiency of the clients production.

Start-up & on-site training

After completely testing and commissioning the ION-IX installation, the start-up is carefully completed together with the client. On-site training is given to familiarize the client with the ION-IX system.

PuriTech's history

2023 - It's all about Lithium

Both engineering of multiple Lithium extraction projects as well as the manufacturing of an ION-IX multiport valve to process 175 m³/h Lithium. A large series of multiport valves were produced for the sugar industry in the US.

2022 - High production rate of the ION-IX multiport valves

The engineering of a complete Ni/Cu IX separation plant was done. Delivery of our ION-IX multiport valve to process 276 m³/h for Ni/Cu separation. A total of 7 installations were successfully built for nitrate removal with flow rates from 170 m³/h up to 330 m³/h.

2021 - Expansion of our process applications

A variety of different projects were successfully executed in Nitrate removal for drinking water, TOS recovery and Lithium extraction. ION-IX multiport valves with flow rates from 24 m³/h to 71 m³/h were started up in the UK, Asia and the USA. Several pilot projects were started in different processes of hydrometallury to execute performance trails.

2020 - Largest ION-IX system was constructed

A 4" multiport valve for Lithium recovery was constructed, being the biggest made so far. 

2019 - Acquired be SunResin

Expansion of our market position into Asia. 

2016 - Design and engineering of the first fertilizer plant

50,000 TPA KNO3 production plant using KCl and HNO3. 

2014 - Green business

An innovative purification plant of cross-linking agents for biodegradable plastics was successfully constructed and started up.

2011 - Construction of the largest Nickel/Cobalt separation plant in the world

After replacing an existing Nickel/Cobalt separation system by the innovative ION-IX system, PuriTech got the opportunity to design and construct the largest Nickel/Cobalt separation plant in the world. This 200 m³/h installation was completely designed and started up by PuriTech. 

2008 - First commercial sugar deashing plant

PuriTech successfully realized the first commercial ION-IX plant for deashing of sugar in Mexico for the largest sugar company in the world. After this great success other sugar companies followed and more sugar deashing systems were installed. 

2007 - First of many patented mobile purification systems for amine removal

Mobile skid used for regular on-site purification of closed-loop production units.

2006 - PuriTech took over 95% of the AMP Nitrate removal market in the UK

2003 - First commercial installation

After conducting several successful pilot trials the first commercial system was sold, which was installed and commissioned during 2003. Further orders followed quickly, as interest in this innovative technology continued to grow. 

2001 - ION-IX system patented

PuriTech started conducting pilot trials of ION-IX during 2001 when the technology was patented. 

1996 - PuriTech was founded

Against a backdrop of strengthening markets and the growing potential of ion exchange, PuriTech developed the ION-IX liquid adsorption separation technology. The company’s aim was to build on and dramatically improve existing systems, particularly those based on continuous counter-current ion exchange, and broaden the technology’s application. 

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