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ION-IX Technology

 PuriTech saw an opportunity in the competitive and growing international ion exchange market place for a liquid adsorption separation technology that not only reduced plant operating costs and capital expenditure, compared with existing systems, but also offered enhancements in both functionality and performance.

In developing ION-IX, PuriTech's main objective was to improve on existing system design, in particular CCIX processes, and broaden and extend the technology's application base. Our company has specialised in providing process engineering, 3D-design, procurement and project management expertise to a wide and diverse range of industries. 

Why ION-IX technology?

Reduced Chemicals

Reduced Resin inventory

More efficient process

Smaller installations

Maintenance friendly


Who we are

PuriTech was founded in 1996 and has focused on liquid treatment installations incorporating ion exchange technology utilizing our patented and revolutionary ION-IX system.

PuriTech is an internationally respected separations technology company that operates in a competitive and growing market place worldwide. 

Our ION-IX technology uses a single, multiport distribution valve, creating a process system for continuous, counter-current ion exchange (CCIX). The patented valve continuously distributes different flow streams to several resin cells and determines whether the resin is in an adsorption, regeneration or rinsing cycle.

The company's team of skillful and resourceful engineers has developed an ion exchange technology that surpasses that of its competitors on many levels - not only in functionality and performance, but also in ingenuity and sheer elegance.

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