Chemical applications

Biodiesel Purification

Biodiesel can be made from: Palm; Rape seed; Soybean; Sunflower; Canola; Coconut; Jatropha; Used cooking; Animal fats. These products have high viscosity and poor combustion. To come to a commercial valuable product, a complex purification process is necessary. Biodiesel is often referred to as methyl ester and the chemical process is referred to as a base-catalysed transesterification.

The purification process of biodiesel generates two product streams, namely the biodiesel stream and the glycerin stream. In biodiesel purification, different process steps require ion exchange and especially for the final purification of the glycerin and the biodiesel itself. Due to its complexity and possible sources, piloting will always have to be conducted prior to design the real plant.  
Glycerine purification pilot with ION-IX technology