Water Treatment

Ammonia Removal

Nitrogen is a nutrient essential to all forms of life as a basic building block of plant and animal protein. Nevertheless, too much of it can be toxic.

The processes used for the removal of ammonium ions from drinking waters include ion exchange. PuriTech's ION-IX system can be broken up into 4 distinctive zones with each zone operating continuously. The resin is initially loaded with the ammonia ions (and partially calcium and magnesium) in the adsorption zone. As the ION-IX multi-port valve rotates, the resin that has been saturated with ammonia ions (and some calcium and magnesium ions) moves into a one-bed displacement zone with softened water to ensure hard water does not cause precipitation within the multi port valve. Following the hard water displacement, there are typically three ion exchange columns in the regeneration zone where resin is contacted with a diluted brine solution and the ammonia ions (and calcium and magnesium) are replaced with chloride ions, thus regenerating the resin back into the chloride form. The strip wash zone is typically a two port wash zone, which uses softened water to wash out the remaining brine prior to the column entering the adsorption zone again

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