Other applications

Chromatographic separations

Chromatography basically involves the separation of mixtures due to differences in the distribution coƫfficient of sample components between two different phases.

One of these phases is a mobile phase and the other is a stationary phase.

Different affinity of these components to stationary phase causes the separation.

Kinds of chromatography :

  •           Liquid column chromatography
  •           Gas liquid chromatography
  •           Thin layer chromatography
  •           Ion Exchange chromatography

Separation in ion exchange chromatography is based on the competition of different ionic compounds of the sample for the active sites on the ion exchange resin.

Applicable in following processes :

  •           Beet and cane molasses sucrose recovery
  •           Biomass hydrolysate treatment to recycle acid values
  •           Mannitol - sorbitol recovery after dextrose hydrogenation
  •           Xylose - glucose
  •           Xylitol purification
  •           Fructose enrichment to produce HFSC ( high fructose ) for soft drinks
  •           High purity dextrose production
  •           Polysaccharide isolation and use in pharmaceutical applications
  •           Fermentation product treatment for isolation
  •           Betaine recovery from beet molasses
  •           Organic acid isolation from cane processing by-products