2008-10 - October - PuriTech expands applications for innovative ION-IX process

New ION-IX process valves used in new applications !

Sugar Refining

Following a period of sustained growth, PuriTech has recently been awarded a further contract in the sugar industry.
The project, which is based in Mexico, employs PuriTech’s award-winning ION-IX ion exchange process.
ION-IX is a versatile technology with a range of applications, further details of which can be found on our ION-IX Applications page.



Nitrate Removal

PuriTech has been awarded a contract to supply three of its innovative ION-IX multi-port valves for nitrate removal applications in the UK.

Interest in ION-IX equipment has increased dramatically over the last year following PuriTech’s success at the IChemE Water Awards (see below).

Each 3’’ ION-IX valve is able to process 700.000 l/h of water.

For further details on our innovative ion exchange process visit our ION-IX Technology page.

Chemical Industry

In addition to securing the above contracts PuriTech has also been undertaking various pilot programs including a recently completed pilot study for a potassium nitrate manufacturer.

PuriTech has a number of ION-IX pilot plants available for rental for use on various applications.

For most projects, the pilot systems are used to demonstrate the process or to test new applications for our innovative full-scale ION-IX technology.

For further information visit our Pilot Plant Rental page.

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