2018- June : Succesful participation at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt 

Achema 2018

2014-12 December - New watertreatment systems


Our UK based partner ACWa Services will install 3 nitrate removal systems in the United Kingdom.


Our US based partner TONKA has won a new watertreatment project in the USA.

2014-11 November - New Cation & Anion system for BDO purification


PuriTech won a new design & built continuous countercurrent ion exchanger project for the purification of Bio-Butanediol. This product is used to produce biodegradable plastics.

A production capacity of 40 m³/h will become deashed by Cation & Anion ION-IX system.


26 - 27 - 28 May 2014 - PuriTech will give a presentation called "Hydrometallurgy with CCIX"

End of May, PuriTech will present its latest article called "Hydrometallurgy with CCIX - Continuous Countercurrent Ion eXchange"

This article will be presented during the Altamet conference in Perth - Australia.

The presentation will be given by:

Yvan De Busscher - Technical Director at PuriTech


Filip Rochette - General Manager at PuriTech


May 2014 - PuriTech's new Sugar & Hydrometallurgy brochures available


See our Technical Library on our website !!

PuriTech's new Sugar & Hydrometallurgy brochures with all benefits of CCIX explained in our latest brochures.


2014-01 - January - New Projects in China & UK


A new DN40 ION-IX valve for Isoleucine process will be developed by PuriTech. Expected delivery date of this ION-IX valve will be April '14.


A new 2 1/2" Nitrate removal valve has been ordered for the UK nitrate removal market. Delivery Expected in April - May '14.


2013-11 - November - New Nickel - Cobalt project


PuriTech received the order for a new 130 m³/h Nickel / Cobalt ion exchanger. The purification of a Cobalt stream by hydrometallurgy is an ideal application for a continuous countercurrent ion exchanger.

This design / Built project located in Africa will be designed and built in 2014 with commissioning planned for June.

2013-11 - November - Cation & Anion Glucose demineralisation unit

A new Cation & Anion glucose demineralisation unit with a capacity of 40 m³/h has been designed and constructed by PuriTech.

The detailled engineering starting from PFD's & P&ID's with all datasheets & vessel drawings have been engineered by our PuriTech engineers.


Mechanical installation on site has started from May 2013 and was finished in September.

Beginning of next year, resin filling and hydropressure testing will be executed.

The start-up of the complete system is scheduled for Q1 - 2014.


2013-10 - October - PuriTech will supply two 3" valves for Yorkshire Water

PuriTech continuous on the successfull road in the united Kingdom with an extra order for two 3" Nitrate removal valves.

More than 90% of all nitrate removal projects in the United Kingdom - AMP5 investment faze have been won by PuriTech.


2013-08 - August - AQUATECH AMSTERDAM 05 - 08 November

Also this year PuriTech will be present at the next AQUATECH exhibition 05 - 08 November in Amsterdam.


Please visit us at our booth 07.527 and discover our latest innovation - ION-IX high performance demineralisation unit


2013-03 - March - New Cation & Anion sugar demineralisation system on-line

PuriTech has built two new 40 m³/h Cation & Anion demineralisation valves for a sugar refinery in Argentina. Both valves have been tested and delivered end of 2012. Production has been started in March 2013.


2012-04 - April - New nitrate valves finished

New nitrate removal valves have been assembled and tested successfully.

2012-03 - March - Nickel Laterite Bank Feasibility Study

PuriTech has been awarded the pre-design for a 700 m³/h Nickel Laterite project and will execute the ion exchange package of the Bank feasibility study.

2008-10 - October - PuriTech expands applications for innovative ION-IX process

New ION-IX process valves used in new applications !

2009-12 - December - Biggest UK Nitrate Removal Plant Went Online



KELDGATE WTW – United Kingdom


PuriTech and his U.K. based partner ACWA has started commissioning of the biggest nitrate removal project


2010-05 - May - New Design Built Nickel Cobalt separation plant


PuriTech has won the total Design - Built package (engineering, installation and start-up) for a 200 m³/h Nickel & Cobalt separation plant in Africa based on its ION-IX® multi-port distribution valve.


2011-02 - February - Mobile Water Treatment Plant


PuriTech has started the engineering and construction of a mobile water treatment plant.

2011-04 - April - AMP5 UK nitrate valves


5 New ION-IX® multi-port distribution valves


2011-05 - May - First Amino Acid project in China


PuriTech installed his first ION-IX® multi-port distribution valve for amino acids in the Peoples Republic of China.


2011-07 - July - Exclusive agreement with TONKA


PuriTech has entered into an Exclusive License Agreement with the TONKA Equipment Company located in Minnesota, USA.


2011-10 - Oktober - AquaTech Amsterdam


Puritech presents its High Efficiency Ion Exchanger ION-IX at the Aquatech trade exhibition 1-4 November 2011 at Amsterdam RAI.


2011-11 - November - New Nitrate valves


New 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" Nitrate valves for the UK.


2011-11 - November - 200 m³/h Nickel / Cobalt Separation plant



A new 200 m³/h Nickel Cobalt separation plant has been designed and built by PuriTech.



2008-01 - PuriTech dominates IChemE Water Awards

Both prizes awarded at the recent IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) Water Awards (sponsored by the IChemE Water Subject Group) have recognised PuriTech's revolutionary development and improvement of the ion exchange process.

PuriTech, a leading international separations technology company, won an award specifically for their innovative ION-IX technology, which has a variety of applications in industries from water treatment through to sugar refining and mining. Anglian Water won the other prize, which recognised their advanced system for removing nitrate from drinking water, a process that relies on PuriTech's expertise and ion exchange technology.

2012-02 - February - New Nickel Cobalt project - USA

PuriTech's expertise in the hydrometallurgy has resulted in the design of a new Nickel - Cobalt production unit.

A detailed process and mechanical design will be done the first quarter of 2012. Commissioning and start-up is scheduled for Q1 - 2013