ION-IX Advantages


PuriTech's ION-IX continuous countercurrent ion exchange system offers a number of advantages over existing technologies.

For instance, by using the ION-IX multi-port distribution valve and process disc, rigid pipes can be used between the valve and ion exchange vessels, instead of flexible hoses.

Sealing is also greatly simplified, which means only O-rings and gaskets are required.

In addition, the use of the ION-IX valve means that complex carousel mechanisms are not required, simplifying installation, commissioning and control requirements.

Adaptable and versatile

The ION-IX multi-port valve is also designed to be adaptable and versatile.

A number of user functions can be carried out simultaneously under continuous operating conditions.



Easy access to the ION-IX multi-port valve — the system's only moving part sits internally of the ION-IX valve body — and the ion exchange vessels, simplifies maintenance procedures.
It is also possible to build compact systems based on the technology. The ion exchange cells can be positioned in any desired pattern, providing maximum installation flexibility.


Utilities and resin inventory

Compared to conventional fixed-bed systems, and depending on the application, PuriTech's ION-IX technology can reduce the rinse water consumption up to 75%, while the volume of ion exchange resin required can be reduced by up to 50%, offering significant savings.

A further comparison with other existing technoogies show that a higher separation efficiency and product concentration can be achieved by using PuriTech's ION-IX technology.

Countercurrent fluid flow and recycling, together with uninterrupted process streams, guarantee high levels of recovery.


Lower capital investment

In some applications the capital investment on specific projects can be reduced by 20–40%.

For example, a like-for-like comparison of an ION-IX unit and a typical carousel system — both rated at 40 m3/h — reveals that by using PuriTech's ION-IX technology, the investment cost can be reduced by about 35%.

ION-IX is targeted at a wide range of industries, and plants based on the technology are set to displace some fixed-bed units.

Even existing countercurrent systems have been switched over to the ION-IX technology due to being more cost-effective and requiring a smaller investment.