ION-IX Technology

PuriTech saw an opportunity in the competitive and growing international ion exchange market place for a liquid adsorption separation technology that not only reduced plant operating costs and capital expenditure, compared with existing systems, but also offered enhancements in both functionality and performance.

In developing ION-IX, PuriTech’s main objective was to improve on existing system design, in particular continuous countercurrent processes, and broaden and extend the technology's application base.

ION-IX Advantages


PuriTech's ION-IX continuous countercurrent ion exchange system offers a number of advantages over existing technologies.

For instance, by using the ION-IX multi-port distribution valve and process disc, rigid pipes can be used between the valve and ion exchange vessels, instead of flexible hoses.

Sealing is also greatly simplified, which means only O-rings and gaskets are required.

In addition, the use of the ION-IX valve means that complex carousel mechanisms are not required, simplifying installation, commissioning and control requirements.