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Technical Library
Links on the left below are to various items including editorials, photographs and further details on PuriTech. Please note that documents available for downloading are provided in English. Should you require these in your own language please contact us. Some documents are provided in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. Click here to download free software.
Name Description Created
Sugar Applications Brochure

Sugar Applications with CCIX - color removal, deashing or demineralization of sugars - chromatographic applications

Hydrometallurgy Brochure

Hydrometallurgy brochure - recovery and separation of metals

High Performance Demineralization

A new high performance Cation & Anion demineralization skid has been developed and tested

PuriTech Project overzicht 2013

PuriTech's projecten en nieuwe ontwikkelingen gedurende 2013

PuriTech Projects 2013

PuriTech - Nouveau projet et notre dernier développement en 2013

PuriTech Project Overview 2013

Overview of projects & new developments during 2013 - English version

PuriTech_Brochure - Nederlands

PuriTech Nederlandse brochure voor watertoepassingen

PuriTech Brochure - Français

PuriTech Brochure d'échange d'ions - Français

Ion Exchange Questionnaire

Technical Questionnaire for Ion Exchange projects

Chromatography Questionnaire

Technical Questionnaire for Chromatographic applications

Color removal from syrup

Color removal from cane sugar melt by a high performance ion exchanger

PuriTech company brochure ( English )

Download a PDF version of our company brochure describing the ION-IX technology

Biggest Nitrate Removal system - Keldgate UK

Biggest Nitrate removal installation with a capacity of 2100 m³/h installed at Keldgate - UK.

PuriTech delivered 3 x DN80 (3") valves for the process controle of the nitrate removal ion exchangers.

Dowload size = 32 Mbyte or use youtube link:


High Performance Nitrate Removal Ion Exchange System

First published in “Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine” November 2010 High performance, low waste ion exchange technology for nitrate removal from potable water. This ICHEM award winning technology is the preferred nitrate removal technology in the United Kingdom.

Sistema de Intercambio Iónico de Alto Rendimiento para la Remoción de Nitrato

Sistema de Intercambio Ionico para la remocion de nitrato

Aquarama's article

Aquarama presents the first article of the Puritech IONEX® 's multi-port distribution valve.

Ion Exchange Technology removes Nitrates from drinking water

Article in Water Treatment International : Ion Exchange Technology removes Nitrates from Drinking Water